Written and illustrated by Blexbolex
Translated from French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick

Mother and father, dancers and warriors, gardener and farmer, hypnotist and genie... All sorts of people appear in People, linked together in ways that begin to emerge page after page. Real, mythic, and imaginary types inhabit this extraordinary, gorgeously rendered world, referring to each other through form and function. Like Blexbolex's earlier book Seasons, this is a conceptual book, where the connections between the images are both clear and subtle.

Stunningly illustrated with retro-looking silkscreened images, People is a sumptuously produced volume, with a lavishly illustrated jacket that folds out into a poster. The manner of the realization and the quality of the book are so strong that People (as did Seasons) serves to reminds us once again what a book can be at its very best.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-110-0
7.5" (W) x 9.8" (H) • 208 pages • HCJ

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★ "In this stellar companion to the acclaimed Seasons, French artist Blexbolex’s captivating silk-screens explore human archetypes using a 1960s-era design aesthetic. Powder-blue type identifies each figure. As with its predecessor, the book’s brilliance lies in the intriguing ways in which the images mimic, challenge, and inform one another. For example, a ‘homeless person’ sleeping in a box appears opposite a ‘camper’; a ‘contortionist’ and a ‘plumber’ exert themselves equally; and a pink ‘nudist’ is paired with an ‘invisible man’ in a business suit. Readers will form new associations and make new discoveries upon each revisiting." STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

"In the wake of Seasons (2010), an equally beguiling barrage of simple images demonstrating this French illustrator’s unusual technical command and sharp powers of observation." —Kirkus Reviews

Each charmingly matte and papery double-page spread features a full-bleed illustrated vignette that captures the human condition in its diversity, richness and paradoxes. From mothers and fathers to dancers and warriors to hypnotists and genies, Blexbolex’s signature softly textured, pastel-colored, minimalist illustrations are paired in a way that gives you pause and, over the course of the book, reveals his subtle yet thought-provoking visual moral commentary on the relationships between the characters depicted in each pairing.” —Maria Popova, Brain Pickings


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