The Brooklyn Editorial Office


Claudia Zoe Bedrick

Claudia Zoe Bedrick is the publisher, editor, and art director of Enchanted Lion Books, an award-winning, family-owned company in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The thoughtfulness and creativity of her son, her nieces and nephews, the young people with whom she works, and of children everywhere nourish her sense of hope every single day.

Tasha Muresan

Tasha Muresan grew up in California, where for many years you could find her reading stacks of children’s books under a beach umbrella. She came to New York City by way of Seattle to study Clinical Psychology at Columbia University. A deep love of story led her to Enchanted Lion, where she works alongside the rest of the team, sharing books and community-building around them.


Kate Finney

Kate Finney grew up next to a nature preserve on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where she spent most of her time reading. Now she works and reads in Brooklyn.


Julie Kwon

Julie Kwon was born and raised in the suburbs in northern New Jersey, the child of a family of Taekwondo masters. From the start she proved to have no natural athletic ability, but made up for it with a rabid appetite for books and drawing. To this day she remains uninterested in athletics but passionate about art and reading.