Chirri & Chirra, Underground

Chirri & Chirra, Underground


Written and illustrated by Kaya Doi
Translated from Japanese by David Boyd

Behind a hole in their basement wall, Chirri and Chirra discover a network of tunnels. Join them as they visit moles, discover caves full of glowing flowers, poke at the roots of growing plants, traverse a subterranean lake, and spend the night with a family of badgers! The fourth book in the Japanese Chirri & Chirra series, this underground adventure is sure to charm and delight.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-244-2
9.25" (W) x 6.5" (H) • 40 pages • HCJ

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"In this Japanese import, the winsome, bike-riding twins from Chirri & Chirra in the Tall Grass (2017) are back for another gently surreal adventure... The twins are identical, with black pageboys, dot eyes, pudgy, rosy cheeks, and Mona Lisa smiles; their delight in the wonders they encounter is pure, unquestioning, and totally infectious. Another charmer." —Kirkus Reviews

★ "Another delightful adventure with the adorable twins Chirri and Chirra. ... The gorgeous, fresh colored pencil drawings portray a world of harmony between the girls and the animals. The animals have a fairy-like quality that is very appealing." —Stephanie Tournas, Youth Services Book Review

A soft, sherbet-hued realm of kindly animals, cozy dens and delicious edible treats awaits in “Chirri & Chirra, Underground” …Like the other Chirri and Chirra books, this one will earn rapturous scrutiny from readers ages 3-8.” —Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal

”…sweetly magical and perfectly in tune with children’s acceptance of the fantastic. Smudgy colored-pencil illustrations are aglow with light and color, whimsically whisking readers along with the rosy-cheeked twins.” —Booklist

"The soft-edged illustrations in colored pencils, pastels, and crayons are filled with details that will have readers wanting to pause and take a closer look." —School Library Journal, Lucia Acosta, Children’s Literature Specialist, Princeton, NJ

“unique and highly recommended…” —The Midwest Book Review


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