Chirri & Chirra

Chirri & Chirra


Written and illustrated by Kaya Doi
Translated from Japanese by Yuki Kaneko

The first book in a completely charming series by a well-known Japanese author and illustrator, Chirri & Chirra introduces us to two little girls who go on wonderful adventures together through the natural world. Vibrant, lively, and astonishingly sweet in a pure, unsentimental way, these pages present us with relatable children, small animals, lots of food, atmosphere, and many mysteries.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-199-5
9.25" (W) x 6.5" (H) • 40 pages • HCJ

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★ "‘What a perfect day,' says Chirri as this story begins, and she’s right. Chirri and her sister Chirra go on a day-long bike ride through a gently rolling pastoral world. Amenities appear just when they need them: the forest café and the bakery, the bridge over the stream, the tree (perfect for napping under), and, finally, the forest hotel, where an animal symphony concert takes place. Adult humans are completely absent, which leaves room for the fox waiter, the raccoon baker, the pig flautist, and all the other animals of this peaceable kingdom. Creatures of all sizes are accommodated, with tiny teacups for honeybees to drink their sweet violet tea and hotel rooms suitable for all travelers, from lizards to bears. The crayon/ pastel illustrations in gentle, saturated colors on delicious creamy paper are reminiscent of Marie Hall Ets in In the Forest. There’s no tension here, no roadblocks, no problems for the girls to solve, just a summer idyll for those kids who cannot resist making acorns into hats for fairies and whose favorite part of any story is the description of what the characters ate. What does the rabbit have for lunch? Carrot buns with lemon jam. Of course." —STARRED REVIEW, Sarah Ellis, The Horn Book

"Doi creates her illustrations with colored pencil, pastel, and crayon, crafting them to look like mid-20th-century lithographs. A serene, feel-good outing with a cozy, old-fashioned feel." —Kirkus Reviews

"Doi's illustrations are a large part of the appeal of this book. The two girls are matching except for the buttons on their dresses. The illustrations celebrate the different sizes of creatures and also the food and drink that the girls have along the way. Just the acorn coffee and clover tea will have your mouth watering. Expect plenty of tea parties and sandwiches after reading this." —Tasha Saecker, Waking Brain Cells

"With a sweet story and darling illustrations, softly drawn and softly tinted on creamy paper, Kaya Doi's U.S. debut picture book, Chirri & Chirra, takes 3- to 8-year-olds into a magical forest filled with genial animals and scrumptious things to eat. [...] A day of happy adventure ends with the girls checking into a forest hotel and joining their fellow guests in a starlit serenade in this charming first volume of a planned three-book series." —Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal

“Children who love to imagine inhabiting a parallel animal realm will be enchanted by the mouthwatering concoctions and friendly interactions—drinking acorn coffee from the hollowed nut while conversing with the bee sipping violet tea, or later watching a rabbit select carrot buns with lemon jam at the roadside bakery. […] Curving compositions and sweeping greenery rendered in colored pencil, combined with the white (negative) space swirling around each image on the page, recall the harmonious designs in Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House. While there's nary an adult in sight, this charming picture book is completely in touch with childhood desires and logic. […] A sweet and safe selection to nourish children's spirits and fuel fantasies, best shared one-on-one so they can pore over the artwork.”—Wendy Lukehart, District of Columbia Public Library, School Library Journal

"...charm and whimsy at its best."—Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

"We are thrilled to share this utterly delightful book by well-loved Japanese author and illustrator, Kaya Doi. It's an overwhelmingly charming and quirky read, as only the Japanese know how. This beautifully perfect oblong tome contains the most adorable and warm illustrations." —Sarah Yewman, Picture Books Blogger


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