The Story of Snowflake and Inkdrop

The Story of Snowflake and Inkdrop


Written by Pierdomenico Baccalario and Alessandro Gatti
Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani
Translated from Italian by Brenda Porster

A Huffington Post Honorable Mention in "Best Design" Category for 2015

A big town in winter—a snowflake is about to fall from the sky. In the same moment, an ink drop flies out of its bottle into the sky when a big gust of wind blows its bottle over. The wind carries them through the sky. Where will each land?

A snowflake and an ink drop—can you imagine a more unlikely couple of friends? And yet, might it be that they are destined for each other—more kindred in spirit than their differences would suggest?

Two worlds, two intersecting stories told in vivid color illustrations, as well as through ingenious laser cuts and foldouts that are full of surprise.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-186-5
10.2" (W) x 13.5" (H) • 56 pages • HCJ

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A Huffington Post Honorable Mention in "Best Design" Category for 2015
Selected by Shelf Awareness as One of 20 Outstanding Gift Titles for the 2015 Holiday Season

"In the center of the book the two stories meet in spectacular form: a paper gate, die-cut into the shape of a snowflake on one side and ink puddles on the other, opens to reveal a burst of folkloric doodles stretching across four pages. It’s a deeply satisfying perspective that unites opposites—black and white—into one glorious vision of friendship and collaboration." —Nicole Lamy, The Boston Globe

“A gust of wind brings the snowflake and inkdrop together in a wintry midair collision. Their meeting results in an explosion of creative energy. …a lovely vision of the unpredictable miracles that bring people together.” —Publishers Weekly

"Beautifully illustrated and cleverly produced, this is one for all ages." —Bernie Goedhart, Montreal Gazette

"Alessandro Gatti and Pierdomenico Baccalario's ‘The Story of Snowflake and Inkdrop’ may not be about humans, but the journey of these two unlikely soul mates is deeply rooted in humanity. [...] Both worlds are colorful and lovely and enhance the protagonists' desire to fling themselves into the unknown in order to find love. This tale is punctuated with several die-cut pages of geometric snowflakes and organic ink-drop shapes. Text, illustration, and design culminate harmoniously in the center of the book to elevate this unlikely love affair." —Dan Yaccarino, The New York Times

“A snowflake meets a drop of ink in midair in this dreamy, creatively designed import. … A love story with design elements and harmonious illustrations that might spread its appeal from children to adult readers looking for an unusual wedding gift and beyond.” —Kirkus Reviews

"The theme of finding a friend will likely resonate with young readers. …the artwork is marvelous and invites lingering looks." —Booklist

"Originally published in Italian as Storia di Goccia e Fiocco, this lavish, oversized labor of love tells the dreamily romantic tale of Snowflake and Inkdrop from two separate points of view. (The book has two front covers!) A lovely gift for children and enamored adults alike." —Karin Snelson, Shelf Awareness

”This lovely volume consists of two stories that meet in the middle in an impressive double gatefold spread. […] The beautiful muted paintings evoke the beauty of winter, and where the two stories meet the art changes to soft colored pencil sketches, uniting the plotlines in dreamy fantasy. Readers will enjoy scouring the illustrations to make connections between the tales. … A beautiful offering for lovers of books as art objects and a good choice for large collections.” —Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library, School Library Journal


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