The Happy Hunter

The Happy Hunter


Written and illustrated by Robert Duvoisin

A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 1961

One fine day, Mr. Bobbin dons his hunting outfit and heads into the forest. Fully equipped and ready, he's forgotten one thing—that he's a hunter, as well as a vegetarian, who cannot hunt because of his great love of animals. Curiously, this is a true story. When first published in 1961, the real happy hunter had been "hunting" for 25 years.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-187-2
10" (W) x 7.2" (H) • 40 pages • HC

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A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 1961

"First published in 1961, this endearing picture book for 3- to 8-year-olds doesn’t read as any sort of pacifist (or vegetarian) morality tale but rather as an amiable appreciation of the texture and beauty of the world." —Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal

Heaven bless Enchanted Lion Books for this reprint, originally published in 1961. Mr. Bobbin lives at the edge of the forest. He enjoys idling outside, smoking his pipe. When Autumn comes, so do the hunters. ‘They looked like knights in armor as they went in search of little rabbits, partridges and pheasants.’ Mr. Bobbin decides it must be great to look so bold, and he also longs for a gun to clean and polish. But when he aims his gun at the squirrel, pheasant, duck, fox, and opossum he meets, he’s too delighted by their habits and smarts to shoot. Still, each day that he heads home he mutters to himself that it was a good day: ‘I had a nice walk through the fields.’ Later, when he’s too old to hunt—in a moment nearly 50 years a precursor to the existence of Amos McGee—all the creatures whose lives he spared go visit him. Enchanted Lion so lovingly, thoughtfully designs their books, including reprints. This story of the peace-loving Mr. Bobbin is a joy just to hold in your hands.” —Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

Like the Happy Hunter, Duvoisin lived an idyllic rural life (with his wife and fellow writer, Louise Fatio) on a farm in New Jersey — described by his granddaughter as a ‘magical place to visit.’ His love of animals and nature shines through here, as it does in so many of his books. […] This is a gently told story, and Duvoisin captures that child-like innocence he is so well known for. What child can’t relate to the feeling that animals are meant to be loved, not eaten? […] If you like mid-century modern, there is much to feast your eyes on here. I am especially drawn to the colour palate of warm, earthy, nature-inspired tones, like olive green, pumpkin and mustard yellow—and those gorgeous blues.” — Lost and Found Books

Any time a Roger Duvoisin book is reissued, I feel hopeful for an entire new generation of readers.” —Miranda Rosbach, My Bookbloom


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