Written by Mark Riddle
Illustrated by Tim Miller

Selected for the Society of Illustrators 2017 Original Art Show

Collin is obsessed with coins—collecting them, stacking them, and using them in magic tricks. One day, his misguided dismissal of a cautionary legend lands him in the clutches of Margarash, a monster who also loves coins. Locked in a cage in Margarash’s lair, deep within the cushions of his parents’ couch, Collin must think fast if he is ever going to escape and make it back home!

A surprising book that is also a little scary and more than a little deep, Margarash is about a young boy and a seemingly-nasty monster who realize they need each other.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-216-9
9" (W) x 12" (H) • 48 pages • HC

Grade Level: 3
Interest Level: K-5
Lexile Level: 920
Guided Reading Level: N

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Selected for the Society of Illustrators 2017 Original Art Show

★ ”The illustrations by Tim Miller are very unique, sparse in odd, muted tones befitting the insides of a sofa. This is a gem, not to be missed. … A perfect book!” —STARRED REVIEW, Katrina Yurenka, Youth Services Book Review

"Riddle's prose provides a strong momentum overall, driving page turns and inspiring Miller's whimsical, childlike illustrations, which depict the titular monster as a gray, furred creature with a comically toothy underbite. A sweet tale of a mutual passion and an unlikely friendship." ―Kirkus Reviews

"It’s a story with the feel of a modern-day fairy tale or urban legend, one that suggests that compassion and common ground can go a long way toward making friends out of would-be enemies." ―Publishers Weekly

"Storytelling at its best...I'm not sure if I have enjoyed a picture book more than 'Margarash'―I laughed. A lot. ... Mark Riddle's wonderfully offbeat story was matched perfectly with illustrations by Tim Miller. His art takes a gloomy palette and adds a whimsical, comical touch." ―Liam, @wordsandillustrations

"A captivatingly grouchy couch monster and a curious kid who gets trapped in his underworld is really the stuff picture book magic is made of. ... A perfect book to add to a Halloween collection, although we definitely will be keeping this out year round." ―The Reading Ninja

”Riddle has crafted two well-drawn characters who play off each other in a delightful way. There are effective page turns throughout, elevating this title from more than your typical ‘confronting the monster in your closet’ story. Miller's illustrations capture the eerie openness of Margarash's world. The tale does lag in the middle, yet readers will be enchanted by the budding friendship between boy and monster. … An engaging selection about friendship and the unexpected places you'll find it.” —Christopher Lassen, BookOps: The New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library, School Library Journal

one of my favorite picture books of 2016, so gloriously bizarre and altogether unlike any other picture book released that year.” —Julie Danielson, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Miller's paintings are bold, comical, and have just enough darkness to highlight the text perfectly. Miller has proved himself to be an incredibly diverse artist, producing picture books in a multitude of styles, but the rudimentary look of the illustrations in Margarash are particularly spectacular.” —Mel Schuit, Let’s Talk Picture Books

“Deep down beneath the couch cushions, past the crumbs and pocket lint, lying in wait for loose change, lurks…Margarash! Mark Riddle’s titular character is a boogieman turned buddy in this sweet, silly, and just scary-enough picture book that follows Collin, a young coin collector, into the couch crack netherworld where Margarash lives. […] Margarash puts a clever, modern twist on a classic folktale storyline. Tim Miller’s illustrations take the edge off of the more frightening parts of the book and bring subtle beauty and depth to Margarash’s dark world, lit by beams and points of light that fall, like the coins he craves, through the cracks and tears of couches everywhere.” —Marykate Smith Despres, Wink Books

My kids love this book. No. They do. They LOVE this book. … The story involves a monster that lives beneath all the couch cushions in the world, taking and keeping the loose change he finds. There’s even a catchy little chant, ‘The coins that fall are for Margarash / Margarash / Margarash / The coins that fall are for Margarash / Leave them where they lie.’  I have it memorized.” —Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal


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