Written and illustrated by Arthur Geisert

A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2011

A gorgeously rendered wordless tale of discovery and adventure that is meticulous in architectural detail and bursts with inventiveness. Arthur Geisert's ingenuity engages the child's imagination as well as the adult's through seamless storytelling and zany wit.

Invested as always in his porcine universe, here Geisert tells the story of a community of pigs that is suffering from the heat. Rather than be sapped of energy and miserable, they go on an adventure in search of ice. The pigs' inventiveness and great can-do spirit create a joyful tale of change and adventure. The illustrations bring the action to life, making this a real page-turner!

ISBN: 978-1-59270-098-1
10.13" (W) x 5.88" (H) • 32 pages • HCJ

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A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2011

★ "This is an especially satisfying Geisert title...And the air-schooner, a charming marriage of sailing and balloon technology, is a standout among Geisert's many contraptions." —STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

"Children will love tracking the imaginative detail of each colored illustration...ICE is a pleasure for all ages, and proves that the most fascinating of tales need not a single word to be told." —The Midwest Book Review

"As much fun as it is to burrow oneself in the odd little world of Geisert's meticulously etched and colored artwork, the great opening here is to wonder what's happening between and outside the pages. Why are the pigs on the island anyway? How did they get such a fantastic flying ship? How often do they go iceberg hunting? What other amazing adventures await them? A golden opportunity to interact creatively with children and get those young imaginations firing. " —Ian Chipman, Booklist

"Although these pigs demonstrate the wondrous resourcefulness that Geisert fans have come to expect, it’s their surreal setting that steals the show. This title is as much about big questions as small details, and the audience is compelled to ponder and create a backstory that can account for the community’s predicament and its quirky resolution." —Elizabeth Bush, The Center for Children's Books

"As always, the pictorial work will appeal to a wide age range. This book can be enjoyed alone or shared in a side-by-side setting." —Carolyn Janssen, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

"Definitely one for my "Wordless Picture Books" tub, and I know just the English Language Learner that I'll hand it to first thing in the morning!" —Mary Lee Hahn, A Year of Reading

"A simple, pitch-perfect story that will serve to get the imaginative juices flowing. The year is young, but Ice will likely be a 2011 standout." —Travis Jonker, 100 Scope Notes

"I can't tell you how many times I've flipped through this book. The illustrations are so full of detail that you can open the book to any page and spend a good while just taking it all in. [...] If you like to point out the lessons found in kid books, you could talk about how the pigs work together to solve their problem, how to nourish collaborative creativity like the pigs did in their brainstorming session or even how the pigs had to adapt to their changing environment, something we all have to do at some point in life. And there are always the simple lessons, too: sharing, dreaming and caring about your fellow pig (or human)." —Kim Mills, News & Record

"Share this book with a child who loves looking closely. Or even better, curl up together and share some time with ice, invention and imagination." —Tasha Saecker, Waking Brain Cells

"The detailed and enchanting illustrations in mostly muted colors effectively reveal the inventiveness and the emotions of the pigs as they struggle through the heat, diligently build their their flying boat, work together to use the ice creatively and celebrate their success. One of the joys of this wordless picture book is that at each reading, the reader notices something new in the pictures and so spins a tale that is slightly different to the one told before. Ice is a beautiful story that will delight and spark the imagination of any reader. Highly recommended." —Maya Fleischmann, Curled Up With A Good Kid’s Book

 really isn’t like any other book out there. Consider it delicate and delightful.” —Elizabeth Bird, A Fuse #8 Production


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