Daytime Visions

Daytime Visions


Written and illustrated by Isol
Adapted from Spanish into English by Isol and Elisa Amado

A many-layered alphabet book from an international star of the children's book world, Daytime Visions is graphically strong and intelligent in its exploration of words and situations. Whether it's a kiwi who returns to a boy's shoulder or a little duck who can't sleep, the visions here are relatable to children and rich with possibility.

Daytime Visions is a kind of alphabet game, filled with interesting visual associations.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-195-7
8.5" (W) x 8.5" (H) • 56 pages • HC

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★ "Square pages and lavishly thick paper contribute to this immensely pleasing reading experience as well, nudging readers to run fingers across the beguiling matte illustrations as they revel in deciphering them." —STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews

★ "With understated poetry and humor, Isol challenges readers to bring their own interpretations to each composition." —STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

"A spontaneous burst of visual meaning" ―Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

"The gloriously ambiguous alphabet book from Isol combines clever phrases with intriguing imagery, allowing readers to interpret and reinterpret thousands of scenarios. Alphabet books have never been so magical." —Politics & Prose Bookstore (Washington DC)

"The book is gorgeously, meticulously designed from start to finish, with a charmingly rough simplicity achieved through crayon-like hand-lettering, blocky collages, intriguing textures and inky, kinetic brushstrokes. [...] Thought-provoking and deliciously odd." —Shelf Awareness

"There are whole, imagined universes conjured on each page. Some read like scenes from longer stories. Others could be part of a dream or a secret, overheard." ―Nicole Lamy, The Boston Globe

“This graphically smart and appealing offering would be a good choice for art schools and specialized collections and might serve as the basis for a drawing exercise.” —Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library, School Library Journal


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