Truus Matti

Photo supplied by Truus Matti

Mister Orange: Mildred L. Batchelder Honor Book 2014

As a child, Truus Matti thought that everybody wanted to become a writer just like her. It made her wonder who would read all of the books that were written. Being a practical person, she decided it made more sense to read books than to write them, so she made reading her profession by becoming an editor. That kept her so busy she more or less forgot about wanting to write. Later on, she decided to go to art school, where she drew and made movies. But then words began to find their way into her visual work until there were only words left. Having given herself a message, Truus decided it was time to write. Mister Orange is Truus' second novel. Her first, Departure Time, was a 2011 Batchelder Honor Book and an ALA Notable Book of 2011.


Mister Orange