Marine Rivoal

Photo supplied by Marine Rivoal

Born in the French countryside in 1987, Marine Rivoal quickly moved with her family to Paris, where she spent a happy childhood. After receiving her BA, Marine went to art school, where she threw herself into learning everything she could about the art and craft of bookmaking. In 2008, she received her second degree, this time in graphic arts, from the Estienne Art School. Next, she went to the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, from which she graduated in 2011. There she deepened her skills and knowledge of engraving and began to experiment with different printing techniques. In 2012, she published her first book Three Little Peas  (Trois petits pois in French) with Éditions du Rouergue. That same year, she also began a film with Claire Sichez and Xbo Films. Today, Marine continues her experiments and projects at the ETR Balistic Studio, a collective for printing and engraving on the outskirts of Paris.


Three Little Peas