Photo taken by Juampi Correa

Ricardo Liniers Siri is Argentina’s most famous and beloved cartoonist, best known as the creator of the popular Latin American comic strip Macanudo.

Launched in 2002 in the prestigious Buenos Aires newspaper, La Nación, Macanudo has now run daily for 16 years. American audiences have been introduced to Liniers’ incredible work through his New Yorker covers, four volumes of the amazing Macanudo, and his children’s books, which include The Big Wet Balloon, Written and Drawn by Henrietta and Good Night, Planet. Macanudo has been published in more than 10 languages all over the world, from China to Columbia, Sweden to Japan. In 2018 Liniers won an Eisner Award for Good Night, Planet, and the prestigious Inkpot Award in recognition of his contribution to comics.

In his spare time, Liniers likes to draw live in shows performed by his musician friend Kevin Johansen. Liniers also does stand-up comedy while sketching with artist Alberto Montt. He is currently an adjunct professor of cartoon studies at Dartmouth and a cartoonist in residence at CCS (Center for Cartoon Studies) in Vermont, where he lives with his family. His beloved strip went into national syndication in the US in 2018, hitting local papers across the country, with its existential wit, whimsy, and surreal charm.


Macanudo #1
Macanudo #2
Macanudo #3
Macanudo: Olga Rules


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