The Day I Lost My Superpowers

The Day I Lost My Superpowers


Written by Michaël Escoffier
Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
Translated from French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick and Kris Di Giacomo

Childhood is a magical time when even the day-to-day stuff is exciting and the ordinary often seems extraordinary. A part of this magic is that with just a little imagination, we all might be found to possess true superpowers!

This isn't the first or last book where a child delightedly discovers her own superpowers. But it may be just about the driest, funniest, and sweetest, where the discovery is handled with humor and charm. One of the book's true pleasures is that it's a girl who discovers her own extraordinary abilities, and when her powers fail, as they must, she discovers them in her mom. All of which leads to a lovely intimacy between the two.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-144-5
8.5" (W) x 11.75" (H) • 32 pages • HCJ

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"Escoffier rounds up the story with a warmhearted, love-affirming twist that could make The Day I Lost My Superpowers a contender for best book for Mother's Day; it turns out that superpowers run in the family." —The New York Times

"In an import that is high on zest, a child and her blithe conviction that she has superpowers both take an abrupt tumble […] Executed on spacious expanses of white or rich tan, they depict the ebullient child engaged in all sorts of delicious mayhem." —Kirkus Reviews

"Finding great superhero-themed books makes me especially happy… Big bold illustrations and a clever story make this a particularly super option for a Comic Book Month story-time." —My Friend Lucy

I love picture books where the narrator is telling a different story than the pictures, and this one works particularly well. Escoffier has created a great protagonist here, a child who sees the potential for wonder everywhere, particularly in themselves. Just take a lot of imagination and anything at all is possible, even turning invisible… Funny, honest and a treat, this picture book will be celebrated by any child who owns their own cape." —Tasha Saecker, Waking Brain Cells

"I just finished reading The Day I Lost My Superpowers and was grinning from ear to ear." —Smart Books for Smart Kids

"The book's quiet quirkiness points toward its status as a French import, though the ending—the supergirl, injured, is fixed with a kiss by her equally super mom—is universal indeed." —Booklist


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