Macanudo #1

Macanudo #1


Written and illustrated by Liniers
Translated from Spanish by Mara Faye Lethem

In Macanudo, Ricardo Liniers Siri uses crayon, ink, and watercolor with incredible skill to render an entire world that is poetic, absurd, emotionally expressive, and full of surprise. Anything and everything about our world can find its way into Macanudo, but it will have passed through Liniers's particular filter, and it thus will have become rendered funny, beautiful, and incredibly sympathetic.

Liniers is Argentina’s most famous and beloved cartoonist. Macanudo was launched in 2002 in the prestigious Buenos Aires newspaper, La Nación, and has now run daily for 16 years. The strip was picked up for syndication by King Features in 2018 and now runs in both print and digital publications all over the United States.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-154-4
8.5" (W) x 8.25" (H) • 96 pages • HC

Grade Level: 6
Interest Level: 5-up
Guided Reading Level: W

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"Liniers manages to craft comics that never talk down to children, regardless of whether or not they involve children. [His strip] is not cynical or sarcastic or high-tech. It aims for that timelessness that we associate with some of the very best comic strips about childhood, from Peanuts to Calvin and Hobbes." —Alex Dueben, The Comics Journal

"…a comfortable, inviting cast of characters (penguins included) expertly delineated with soft cartoon charm that younger readers who eschew crunching action will be most grateful for and curl up warmly with for many an hour." —Jesse Karp, Booklist

"Macanudo is a joy! Liniers' whimsical and wry observations about cats, relationships, gnomes, and gravity make me happy, but most important, he draws funny!" —Jeff Smith, author of BONE and RASL

"There is no ongoing story line and each strip stands on its own, so this title would be a good choice for those looking for a sweet, lighthearted graphic novel." —Andrea Lipinski, New York Public Library

"The most amusing strips feature Henrietta, a smart little girl, and either Mandelbaum, her frustratingly non-responsive teddy bear, or Fellini, her cat. The huge cast plays out observational jokes based on Liniers' multifaceted interests that are ably captured by his wispy art, which would look right at home in the New Yorker. At its heart, this is a gag-humor strip, but the intellectual undertone mixes the sweetness of Calvin and Hobbes and the surrealism of the Far Side. It's an impressive sampling." —Publishers Weekly

Thought-provoking, funny, clever, sweet and relevant. Pictures and words that adults and children will enjoy. Liniers is a living legend and it’s exciting to follow greats like him as he grows and continues making incredible work. […] Everything you want in a comic strip found compiled into wonderful hard bound collections translated from Spanish to English and published by Enchanted Lion. This is the first of 4 volumes out and we hope there will be many more to come.” —The Reading Ninja


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