Kangaroo for Christmas

Kangaroo for Christmas


Written and illustrated by James Flora

The day before Christmas, Kathryn's present from Uncle Dingo arrives in a big box. Naturally, it's a lively kangaroo. Kathryn can't wait to show grandma, so she hops onto Adelaide's back and off they go!

But getting to Grandma's proves more difficult than expected. Honking horns and screeching breaks frighten Adelaide into taking off on her own. In good Flora fashion, chaos and pure silliness ensue. When Kathryn and Adelaide finally arrive at Grandma's house, a very cool and collected Grandma sees there's nothing to be done but to get them home as swiftly as possible.

A rumpus of a read, Kangaroo for Christmas is a merry Christmas tall tale full of witty illustrations that are sure to draw laughs and hoots of pleasure.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-113-1
8.5" (W) x 11.5" (H) • 40 pages • HCJ

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“First published in 1962, the story of little Kathryn’s astonishing gift from her Uncle Dingo showcases the marvelous period illustration of James Flora, a giant among midcentury commercial artists. […] Working in riotous bursts of carnation pink and deep teal, Flora adds visual pop to an off-kilter story that hardly needs it, but is gloriously zanier for it all the same. […] And of course, owning a kangaroo turns out to be more trouble than Kathryn imagined in this everything-goes-wrong tale. Is there a message here? Most certainly not. Unless the message is that Christmas isn’t just about candy canes and the latest electronic toy. And that’s what children’s Christmas books, happily, are usually about.” —Pamela Paul, The New York Times

"Kangaroo For Christmas
 is a funny and frenetic romp through the streets and homes of a stylistically iconic era, with all the wonderful period details and candy colours indicative of the sixties. Although I don’t recall seeing this book as a kid, it feels familiar, which should not come as a surprise as the creator, James Flora, was a prominent and prolific illustrator during that time. Employed by Columbia Records and RCA Victor in the 40’s and 50’s, Flora was largely responsible for the era’s jazz iconography, designing many album covers and advertising for the music industry. He also produced hundreds of paintings, sketches and woodcuts, which are absolutely stunning, and like a Kangaroo For Christmas, full of the artist’s particular and peculiar sense of humour. […] BIG and FRESH, and the best Christmas book of 2011 by a leap.” —32 Pages

All the commotion makes for an exciting read, plus there are tons of background details to pore over. […] Such a fun book!” —For Immediate Release Reviews

This story is a hoot! Alternating between black and white images and stunning vibrant colored ones (on uncoated paper too!), Flora has created a fast-paced, humorous account of a kangaroo released into the city. All of Flora’s books tend to be breathtaking in not only style, but also storyline, and this one is definitely my favorite so far. […] It is picture book hilarity at its best. From bouncing on cars, bounding through bakeries and toy stores, to landing on roller skates and passing over the electric wires; the fun just goes and goes until you finally get a breath (and comforting presents from Santa) in the end.” —Three Books a Night

Not surprisingly, [James Flora’s] style of illustration now seems quite retro, giving Kangaroo for Christmas the feel of a vintage classic—something I thoroughly enjoyed. And vintage certainly doesn't mean dated. Today's kids will still enjoy the humour and chaos captured by Flora in both words and images.” —Kids’ Book Review


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