Gus Is A Tree

Gus Is A Tree


Written by Claire Babin
Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
Translated from French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick

Selected for the Wisconsin Great Lakes Book List 2010-2011

Gus, the hero of the Gus series, is a dreamy little boy. At any time of day or in any situation, he might drift off into his imaginary world, where he turns into a fish, a tree, a bird, or even a snowflake. In each of his adventures, he comes into direct contact with nature, and his senses are awakened. By delving into his imagination, Gus explores the world around him, and you will want to explore with him.

In Gus Is A Tree, Gus dozes off on the playground and dreams that he is a tree in the forest.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-078-3
7.75" (W) x 8.75" (H) • 32 pages • HCJ

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Selected for the Wisconsin Great Lakes Book List 2010-2011

"In addition to the stunning illustrations and lyric narrative, Gus is a Tree has a helpful photo index of forest words that helps further define tree existence. It will capture your readers’ interest and teach effortlessly." —Midwest Book Review

“Despite the sounds of the other children at play, Gus manages to doze off while sitting against a tree during recess. Soon he is dreaming that he is a big, old tree with bark striped red, yellow, and orange just like the sweater he wears. He feels the wind, watches the forest creatures, enjoys a moonlit night, and experiences refreshing drops of rain. Back in the schoolyard, Gus awakens to the call of his friends, who are now wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas. This story glories in the joys of nature and being in the forest. A glossary contains tree-related words that are found in capital letters throughout the text. The illustrations are a blend of paintings and photographs. As Gus begins to dream, the artwork turns into a surreal mix of textures, perspectives, and colors. Their dreamlike quality complements the text nicely.” —Catherine Callegari, Gay-Kimball Library, School Library Journal


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