Brief Thief

Brief Thief


Written by Michaël Escoffier
Illustrated and translated from French by Kris Di Giacomo

A Virginia State Reading List Selection

After swiping an old pair of underwear hanging from a tall tree, Leon the chameleon beings to hear a mysterious voice that seems to be coming from nowhere. After searching for the voice, Leon learns that it is his conscience. “Since when are we allowed to touch other people’s things?" Leon’s conscience asks. Leon has a funny feeling that the little voice is right. A funny book about doing the right thing, Brief Thief will have kids laughing and learning at the same time.

ISBN: 978-1-59270-131-5
9" (W) x 11.88" (H) • 32 pages • HCJ

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A Virginia State Reading List Selection

★ "[Brief Thief] teaches a worthy lesson with sparkling dialogue and an excellent punchline. [...] Escoffier has unusual insight into the psychology of doing something bad and getting caught. Readers will wince along with Leon, and laugh out loud when they find out what the underpants are really for." —STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

"A natural for fans of Jon Klassen's terse creature capers." —Kirkus Reviews

"A high quality printed book, a funny, well-written original story that is easy to read with spectacular illustrations that all leave you wanting to read the author and illustrator's next book right now. Now that's a perfect picture book." —Good Reads With Ronna

“Truly funny sight gags are a picture-book holy grail, or should be, and Kris Di Giacomo’s cartoonish yet painterly illustrations are witty in a way children and adults alike will savor.” —The New York Times

“I’ve become a bit hard to crack sometimes when it comes to humorous picture books and I can honestly say this book has me laugh out loud nearly every single time. The pacing, the dialogue, the expressions, the paper, and the awesome surprise ending are such an incredibly lovely package.” —Three Books a Night

“A very smart and funny story about privacy and responsibility that, as the publisher suggests, shows kids the ultimate respect. Who hasn’t done something they knew wasn’t right and been bothered by a little voice in their heads? This book describes a way of working through that discomfort―while engendering belly laughs.” —Foreword Reviews 

“Share this with all of those children who love something a little naughty in their picture books. If you share it with a group, you will most likely be asked to read it over again. Also, expect riotous reactions to the humor.” —Tasha Saecker, Waking Brain Cells

“…the giggles I get from reading it make me happy. Brief Thief does have a very important lesson to be learned too: Don't touch other people's things. My children just love to read this book over and over for a plain and simple reason: It's fun. And in my mind, if you can take a valuable lesson and make it fun to learn, it's a win-win for all.” —Metro Kids

“Quirky, silly, and only mildly gross, this book will keep you laughing every time!” —The Picky (Word) Eater


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